Friday, April 22, 2011

Collect Vintage Coral Jewelry for Style and Investment!

Coral Jewelry is one of the hottest collectable jewelry materials today.  Its beauty is unmatched and the supply is dwindling.  Scientists have predicted that over 50% of the world's coral reefs may be destroyed by environmental changes by 2030.  Many governments prohibit the removal of coral so the vintage coral jewelry that is available is just getting more and more valuable. 

Coral is not a gemstone.  It is actually calcified skeletons of sea creatures that grow in formations that look like the branches of a tree.  Coral was thought to be a plant until the 18th century.

Most coral is found in the Mediterranean Sea or near Japan and Taiwan buy it is also found off Washington State and the Alaskan coasts.

Coral occurs in white, red, pink and black so it was very popular for jewelry design.  It was thought to be a powerful talisman to stop bleeding, provide protection from evil spirits and even to ward off hurricanes!  Today, chemical compounds taken from corals are used in medication for cancer, aids, pain management and bone grafting.

The most highly collectable coral jewelry is Victorian through the 50s when there were no limits imposed on harvesting.  Bright red corals were popular in the 40s and 50s while the pink and white were more popular in the 30s.  All coral jewelry is collectable today but the full branch coral is the most valuable.  Recently, a triple strand red branch coral necklace sold at auction for close to $500! will be featuring a wonderful collection of vintage coral jewelry just in time for great summer fashions.  Don't forget to check it out.

Happy Spring
from Patra B!


Monday, March 14, 2011

NY Pier Antiques Show and Fashion Alley

The New York Pier Antiques Show was amazing this past weekend with fabulous home decor and of course Fashion Alley.

Pier 94 was transformed into an exciting art space that featured Mid Century, Classic European and American decor as well as Folk, Advertising and Contemporary Art. Booths were decked out in unique displays that were vibrant, creative and unusual. This was not your mother's stodgy antique show! Decorators and designers from all over the world came to this show for inspiration and hard to find fabulous pieces.

Of course my favorite part of the show is Fashion Alley. The entire rear of the show is dedicated to men and women's fashion, accessories and jewelry.

My booth was buzzing with designers from well known labels buying up my most exciting vintage jewelry.

One design group bought up all of my Gerda Lyngaard 1980s horn and wood jewelry.

Another from a posh High Street boutique in London bought filigree and tassel necklaces that were femine and amazing. They also purchased an egyptian influenced toque and a Victorian Revival bracelet. I am planning a trunk show with them for my next UK visit!

A New York dealer purchased a fabulous grouping of Victorian Revival bracelets (these unusual bracelets were popular in the 50s and 60s and usually tout rectangular sections with inset stones, pearls, or lucite that are quite wide and are linked together. They usually include filigree).

A Chicago dealer purchased a 4"Christian Dior brooch with Gripoix, pearls and art glass that was
made in 1965.

A fashionable buyer purchased a limited production Pauline Rader necklace that featured a huge carnelian and a golden lion with a rhinestone encrusted crown.

Napier charm bracelets, button clip earrings, turquoise and coral jewelry were hot at this show as well as black jet jewelry.

So my dear fashionable friends, the trends are emerging:

Victorian Revival (filigree, black jet jewelry, long length necklaces, tassels necklaces, intricate patterns)

African Tribal (clean, geometric, bold, monochromatic, art to wear)

Big Button Clip Earrings

Pendant NecklacesBold with large pearl beads and colorful rhinestones

Big Drop Earrings with golden tones in brushed and reflective finishes

2-3" Wide Link Bracelets

Big, Bold Bangles

Don't fret if you missed me at this show...

Vintage Couture Jewelry will be at:

Metropolitan Vintage Show
Metropolitan Pavillion
18th st. between 6th and 7th
April 29, 30

Danbury Vintage Show
PAL Building
Hayestown Road
Danbury, CT.
April 9,10

Ridgefield Antiques Show
Community Center
Ridgefield, Ct.
May 7

Sturbridge Vintage Textile and Fashion Show
Host Hotel
Sturbridge, Mass
May 9

Dealer's Choice
Brimfield, Mass
May 10

Heart of the Mart
Brimfield, Mass
May 11, 12

See you soon,

Patra B.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar 2011 Jewelry

Just in!!

Oscar fashion was sumptuous in hot reds, plums, midnight blues, gunmetal and all shades of dusky beige, nude, pale lavender, and silver.

Strapless dresses were plentiful and many were highly jeweled. The emphasis was on oversized earrings in chandelier, tassel and huge jewel encrusted button shapes. Bracelets were stacked and rings were still oversized.

Jewelry was classic and outrageous! Large diamond chokers were most popular but there were some surprises like Amy Adam's fabulous Cartier emerald bracelet valued at over $1,000,000, Gweneth Paltrow's vintage Louis Vuitton jeweled brooch worn at her waist, Natalie Portman's shoulder dusting rubelite tassel earrings, and Anne Hathaway's $10,000,000 worth of Tiffany diamonds!

Great fashion, great wins and now...time for some shut eye!

love ya,

Patra B

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grammy Jewelry or Grammy's Jewelry?

It was definately an 'egg-cellent' evening at the Grammy Awards this year! Grammy gals were decked out in gorgeous statement earrings. Baby Baby Oooooh ...Long chandeliers, Bollywood inspired tassels, and colored stones and diamonds shone like the Starry Starry Night. Neat diamond button studs and oversized discs are definately the understated choice seen everywhere all of a sudden. All you beautiful earrings.. I Need You Now! Earrings are definately my favorite accessory.

The Grammys usually bring out the rock glam side of the attendees but this year only a few took a Walk On the Wild Side. Many were beautifully dressed in golds and silvers and were real Satin Dolls flaunting their statement earrings.

From ancient times Golden Earrings were worn to show ownership, prowess, and later wealth and power. Pierced earrings were worn exclusively until the early 1900s when the rise of the clip earring revolutionized the costume jewelry industry. Many didn't have to 'work on Maggie's Farm no more' when the huge costume jewelry industry provided thousands of jobs. When the clip earring came into fashion, pierced ears were considered old world and outdated. Overstated, weighty earrings could now be worn painlessly without the worry of a piercing slicing through the lobe leaving the fashion victim saying I Need A Doctor! (Whew! that was a stretch...). A tremendous earring explosion occured in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Fine jewelers who had fled Europe during World War II found their way to the costume jewelry manufacturing companies in Rhode Island and New York. They had tremendous freedom to create their original artistic designs which is why we have so many examples of fine design in the vintage clip earring market today. This trend continued until the 1960s when stylish men, rock groups, and sports figures began wearing them. The pierced earring trend made a strong Recovery. Women wanted pierced earrings exclusively so the clips retreated.
Now clips are back because the earrings are getting bigger and heavier. I have even spotted fine jewelers offering 14K clip earrings this season.

So Grammy, you have become A Teenage Dream. Grammy's jewelry is Grammy jewelry!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Red Carpet Jewelry

Red carpet jewelry at the 2010 Emmy Awards showed a new trend. Big earrings were definitely a popular item along with outrageous rings and bangles. Most dresses were heavily adorned with crystal, ruffles or texture so necklaces did not compete with the dresses.

The jewelry was understated and elegant with diamonds and golden tones. Neil Lane and Lorraine Schwartz led the favorite jewelry designer list and the look was old school cotillion with jewel encrusted button ear clips and dangles, opulent but conservative chokers and large bracelets. The rings were huge and worn in multiples. Clutches with prominent rhinestone closures were also popular.

The vintage influence is ever popular. The dresses that got a thumbs up were sequined strapless columns, sexy, navy one shoulder gowns and white or cream Grecian and Egyptian goddess styles. The wedding cake dress was only popular with a couple of gals and only a few wore black. There were so many misses like the Alexander McQueen gladiator bolero dress, the high soft serve center bodice peak dress, the geometric wallpaper dress and of course the Armani under the sea dress waves and all! No edgy trend setters at this show-maybe we will have to wait for the Oscars for that. The TV audience was on edge waiting for someone to trip over her too long dress!

Vintage jewelry is the perfect accessory. Vintage Couture Jewelry has fabulous giant earrings from the 80s, Grecian neck rings, Givenchy, Lalique, Les Bernard, Fendi, and Kenneth Jay Lane bangles and link bracelets, and many other new accquisitions! See me at the following shows:

September 4,5 9-5pm
Farmington Antiques Show
Polo Grounds, Farmington, CT

September 7 11-1pm
Dealer's Choice
Brimfield, MA

September 8 9-5pm
Heart of the Mart
Brimfield, MA

September 16 5-7:30
East Putnam Ave. Grenwich, CT

October 8,9 1-8pm, 11-6pm
Manhattan Vintage Show
Metropolitan Pavillion, NY,NY

November 13,14 9-5pm
Pier Antiques Show Fashion Alley
Pier 94 NY, NY

Take care,
Vintage Couture Jewelry

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Delight, Excite, Take Flight with Lucite!

Hello fashionable friends!

The easiest way to energize your outfit this spring is with vintage lucite. So many colors and finishes to choose from and... size matters! Three or four stacked lucite bangles makes the statement you need and oversized lucite necklaces can add just the right amount of sophistication.

Clear acrylic thermoset plastic also known as lucite was introduced in 1937 by the Dupont Corporation. Bakelite (an opaque formaldeheyde plastic resin) was popular first then Lucite surpassed Bakelite in popularity by the 1950s. Lucite has been used in costume jewelry since 1940. Between 1940 and 1960, many colors and textures were introduced. Pearlized, moonstone, confetti, granite and embedded textures were introduced and costume jewelry companies began producing tinted, molded and opaque finishes. Vintage lucite is highly sought after by collectors and designers but the lucite look has become high style again. Spring 2010 runways for Burberry,Prada, and Michael Kors all featured oversized lucite jewelry.

If you are interested in purchasing some fabulous vintage lucite from my collection, please email Vintage Couture Jewelry at for pictures and price list.


Patra B

Friday, May 21, 2010


Well my dear fashionable friends,

I found a heart of gold designed by Givenchy in the early 1980s along with a gold mine of fabulous finds at my recent vintage jewelry treasure hunt at Brimfield, Mass! I bought an estate collection of 1970-1980s Givenchy jewelry and I am making it available to you. Givenchy is extremely collectable now and the 70-80s jewelry style is just perfect with today's fashions. The giant gold Cleopatra logo necklace by Givenchy has sold but you never know when it will turn up again. Maybe on one of Rachel Zoe's stylings for the red carpet!

You know how Tiffany released the key necklace last year? Well I've got Givenchy's take on it from the early 80s. It hangs on a lucious long gold chain and is accented with rhinestones and of course the Givenchy logo.

Another fabulous necklace is the large link necklace. Three 2" circular rings are centered with rectangle links on both sides follosed by two more smaller circles and a square link. Between each link is an elongated Givenchy logo on an oval cartouche. This necklace is amazing!

The treasure trove of Givenchy also includes two fabulous large link bracelets, earrings and oversized brooches. All Givenchy jewelry featured here is available through Vintage Couture Jewelry at . email me to see all Givenchy selections!

Count Hubert James Marcel Taffin de Givenchy was born in 1927. Being a French aristocrat and fashion designer, he founded the couture House of Givenchy in 1952. He designed much of the personal wardrobe of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. He worked with Dior, Balmain and Schiaparelli. Gianfranco Ferre, John Galliano and Alexander Mcqueen all designed for Givenchy.
His fashions were inovative and his jewelry was made to enhance his fashions. His amazing designs are highly collectable today.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Irresistible Lure of Copper Jewelry and Modernist Design

Jewelry buyers in the 1950's were thrilled with realistic copies of fine jewelry that were being mass produced in the costume jewelry factories. Everyone had a single, double and triple strand of fake pearls which inspired more creative designs made in plastic, rhinestone and inexpensive metals. The costume jewelry business was booming and every woman owned a variety of jewelry styles and colors to accent every outfit.

But... my dear fashionistas..... , there were some very cool artistic types out there looking to accessorize themselves with something unique, artful, evocative, and bohemian. Think the Beat Generation, Picasso, Leger, Cubisim, Industrialist design. These mid century buyers deliberately separated themselves from the rhinestone crowd by searching out art to wear. They sought out creative designers who had just graduated from art school and had set up shop in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. The clean Scandinavian look and modernist designs that could be seen in sculpture, painting and home design influenced the jewelry designers and soon modernist jewelry was available for the individualistic crowd.

Jerry Fells founded the Renoir Company in 1946. They produced wonderful artisan designed jewelry out of copper that was geometric and abstract and combined a durable, lustrous finish with a blackened contrasted surface treatment. Fabulous shapes that echoed the Arts & Crafts style were produced by Fell's California artisans. Fells opened another company in 1952 called Matisse that used similar designs but added colorful enameling. Copper earrings were the must haves followed by fabulous cuff and link bracelets and necklaces. Brooches were also produced in this style. Copper came to be the metal of choice for these art loving individuals. Rebajes-a Dominican designer produced copper jewelry under his own name and favored the blackened, non lustrous finish for his pieces. His original designs were in demand and made it to 5th Avenue in the 50s.

Well friends, copper has made a huge come back and the mid century modernist designs are highly regarded in the world of vintage jewelry. Copper is as lovely and vibrant on pink skin as it is on olive or dark skin. It was the first metal discovered by Prehistoric Man between 10,000 and 13,000 years ago. By 4,000BC, copper had become a sign of wealth and status. Copper is known to benefit bones, joints, and circulation. It also helps to form collagen so wear copper and forget Botox!
I have a wonderful collection of artisan copper and other modernist jewelry that can become the beginning of your Mid Century Obsession!

Find me at the Pier94 Antiques Show NYC March 13,14

or the Manhattan Vintage Show, Manhattan Pavilion NYC April 23, 24

or the Cross River Antiques show this Sunday John Jay H.S. March 7

or the Danbury Vintage show April 7,8.
See you soon,
Patra B at Vintage Couture Jewelry

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Loooook Into My Crystal Ball.....

Hello my fellow frugal fashionistas!

I've looked into my crystal ball at and the future is beautiful! With a few well chosen vintage pieces, you can make your wardrobe feel like brand new.

Keep those cardigans and sleek dresses, add the big belt, big bag and big shoes but don't forget the statement bracelets and statement brooches. Matthew Campbell, David Yurman, Janis Savitt and Alexis Bittar bracelets can set you back hundreds of dollars but with some fab chunky vintage cuffs you can cut that expense in half and get something that looks really unique.

Crystal rhinestones of all colors and sizes will be gracing the wrists of every Witchy Woman. If you stack them with smaller gold tone bangles and link bracelets, you will outshine the sun, the moon and the stars.

The ice on my wrist shine like a light

I can brighten up your day even at night

Master P

Turn On Your Love Light with some vintage Barrera, YSL, and Dior. Prong set stones with many facets are just what you need to let your Soulshine. Faux amethysts are the hottest colored stones for this spring and to really Let It Shine, pair them with hot pink or intense orange -coral. Big Kenneth Jay Lane vintage bracelets are available at that will make those cardigans get you Back To the Future!

Wooden bangles have returned to the spotlight and they will be seen carved and painted. Big, chunky linked bracelets are also great this spring in layered brick and rounded designs. Cloisonne bracelets are highly collectable, comfortable and gorgeous to look at. When stacked, they make a wonderful statement and come in all colors. Cloisonne means "little walls". The little walls are the intricate designs made with brass wire and then filled in with layers of colorful enamel.

So, The Future is Now my friends so Shine Your Light with vintage bracelets at

or...visit me at J&J Productions at Brimfield Antiques and Vintage Mart this

Friday and Saturday May 15, 16

in the "Fashion Alley"tent inside the big tent.

Love you all!

Patra B

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar 2009 Loved the Bling

Hello all,

When you think red carpet fashion, think Bling! Bling dresses, bling necks, bling ears and bling wrists. Many of the dresses were fabulous and ladies that pulled off the goddess/princess look were soooo glamorous. Most colors were neutral cools and warms in champagne, ivory, slightly mint, silver, and gold but they were all embellished with beading, sparkles, tiers, bows,pleats and ruffles.

Looking fresh and beautiful were Natalie Portman and Alicia Keys who came out in lilac and pink. Frieda Pinto looked lovely in her one armed blue creation. There were a group of red gowns that were set off by some fabulous jewelry and of course the non-conformist Tilda Swindon in Lanvin separates.

Although far from my favorite dress of the evening. Heidi Klum was wearing a fabulous pair of earrings that hugged the face and were three inches long.

Penelope Cruz wore a vintage Pierre Balmain princess dress that was sixty years old. The vintage gowns are always fabulous. She wore a choker of diamonds that were sweet and perfect for the dress.

Marissa Tomei wore an ivory satin pleated Versace that was beautifully constructed which made her look like a goddess.

It was a beautiful evening hosted by a great host Hugh Jackman who is loaded with showmanship and personality. The gowns were inspirational and the jewelry was stunning.

The winners were terrific and my favorite quote was from Danny Boyle director of Slumdog who said it all...Thank you for letting me be Tigger!

To get these jewelry looks check out We have Penelope's choker in vintage rhinestones, the inspiration necklace to the one that Amy wore, the vintage earrings that were recreated for Angelina and many more of the looks that excited all of the modern jewelry designers. Why not get the original?
You will own a piece of history and do your part for the environment.

Gotta love that bling!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vintage Show's Hottest Looks!

Hello all!

Great to see so many of you at the Valentine's Vintage show last weekend. Vintage is the hottest way to get a huge fashion statement without spending for the latest "new" looks that are recreations of vintage styles. There were many designers at the show looking for the next vintage inspiration. Remember, when you buy vintage, you are not only getting a unique, chic statement look that saves you money, you are also recycling and doing your part for the environment.

Large staement cuffs were big sellers at the show from Barrera clamper bracelets to Napier charm bracelets. Huge statement necklaces with top designer names were extremely popular. Dior and Ysl were almost sold out. Givenchy 80ies looks with geometric and floral shapes went on the first day of the show. Kenneth Jay Lane was popular as usual with his bold beach inspired colors and hot enamels with rhinestones.

Fabulous 1950s straw pocketbooks in black and red for summer and the ever sesational white Napier, Trifari and Monet jewelry were hot at this show. Straight shift dresses and Ferragamo flats were also popular.

You can get that look without spending alot with vintage!

Visit http://www.vintagecouturejewelry/ for vintage styles that look great for today's fashions.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Fabulous Frugal Fashionista and the New Deal

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hi All!
The New Deal is upon us and fashion has gone frugal!

But how do you look fabulous without having to buy the latest designer concoction?
With accessories of course!
How do you get that one of a kind statement look with all eyes on you?
With of course!

Take those wonderful pieces that are in your closet. Pair them in new ways. Add vintage statement jewelry and baby... you look mahvelous!
Start with a pair of tight capris, pair with a long man style cardigan and a feminine blouse. Belt the sweater with a slim belt. Add high heel pumps and add a sexy, long vintage tassel necklace or a vintage group of graduated golden chains and its Do wah ditty ditty!

or...How about that cool 3/4 bell sleeve baby doll jacket cinched in with a wide belt. The cinch will create a peplum that will top off a pencil skirt. Wear with peep toe heels or high boots and fill in those bare arms with loads of vintage bangles or chunky vintage gold tone bracelets. Take a walk on the wild side!

or...Start with classic trousers and add a same tone turtleneck or jewel neck sweater. Add a vintage chain belt and fantastic over sized vintage earrings. Long cool woman!

For those special nights out, Pull out a traditional three button blazer worn with no shirt, black cigarette leg pants and high heels. Add a great belt and a neck full of vintage colored beads and vintage pearls. On the catwalk!

or...simple velvet jeans with a shiny tank top and oodles of vintage rhinestones at the neck and ears. Whose that lady?

or...take out that simple black sleeveless dress add high boots and take a cue from the latest Lanvin show by adding great vintage rhinestone pins in a group or alone at the waist and shoulders. Soul shine!

Check out for vintage accessories that will give you the cache of Givenchy, Dior, Lanvin, Yves St. Laurent, Barrera, Roxanne Assoulin, Kenneth Jay Lane, Gucci, Ferragamo, Prada and Fendi.

Let the New Deal begin my fabulous frugal fashionistas!

Love,Patra B

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Irresistible Lure of Vintage Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Jewelry

The holidays are upon us and like children drawn to icy snowflakes, we cannot resist the urge to be dazzled by the lure of Aurora Borealis rhinestone jewelry. Fire flies from the fabulous facets and rainbow colors reappear in the realms of the mysterious glass beads. Vintage Aurora Borealis jewelry from the 1950s and 1960s can be discovered at and will excite your senses like no other jewelry.

The Aurora Borealis rhinestone can be a clear or colored leaded glass bead that is faceted, polished and then treated with a thin coating of metal which is vaporized in a vacuum. Sounds very sci-fi but when the process is completed, the result is an iridescent finish that shines with many colors. The process was developed and perfected in the late 1950s by Swarovski crystal and Christian Dior. The jewelry that was produced by Kramer for Dior was unsurpassed in its exciting effect and women everywhere could not resist its lure.

The name Aurora Borealis came from the mysterious Northern Lights which are natural light displays in the polar zone night sky. The Roman goddess of the dawn -Aurora and the Greek name for north wind -Boreas were the inspiration for the name of these spellbinding celestial lights. The Cree Tribe called these magical lights Dances of the Spirits.

Once you see this fabulous jewelry you may experience its supernatural power and may just find yourself dancing with the spirits and wishing for a snow day!

Visit for some vintage crystal delights!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Medieval Mania and Renaissance Remix

Magical Medieval and fairytale fashions are casting their spell on the fashion world! This 2008 fashion trend cannot be denied as major designers have created mystical clothing that hearkens back to the 1300s, 1400s and 1500s. has wonderful accessories to set off these dramatic fashions such as golden chains, jewel encrusted necklaces, pearly earrings and pins , coat of arms pendants and pins, chain belts and golden shield earrings.

2008 runway shows introduced high drama with ruffled collars, capes, snoods, corsets, laces, laced boots, long skirts, high necks, tunics, fur and jeweled bodices. Dresses that resemble medieval robes with bold shoulders and Renaissance ruffled collars and cuffs are exciting the eye as they must have in the days of yore.

Lords and ladies were in the ruling class and they controlled fashion trends and insisted on separating themselves from the fashion of the lower classes. The royals wore expensive fabrics and tried to restrict the colors that the lower classes wore. They ruled that only one color could be worn by the commoners.! This was immediately unpopular and the commoners began slashing their clothes so that the under colors could show through. Sleeves were wide and showed geometric cutouts with contrasting fabrics underneath. Skirts were slit in front and pulled aside to reveal under skirts. Soon this became part of the popular fashion for the royals as well and the style was altered by the quality of the textiles. Fur was used for trimming and undergarments were made of velvet, silk, and brocades. Even then street fashion influenced couture!

The 1100s brought robes that were fastened at the waist worn with hooded snoods and pointed shoes. Prince Charming wants to take a look.

The 1200s added a large wrapper with sleeves that was worn over the upper part of the robe and later was made without sleeves so the undergarment would be seen. Tunics were cinched at the waist and sometimes worn with another shorter tunic. Gowns with tight bodices and tight jackets became popular. Your fairy godmother will grant you three wishes.

The 1300s added elegance with expensive fabrics such as fur and silk. External corsets were worn and hair dos became important. The frog will turn into a prince if you just kiss him.

The 1400s introduced long trains that were tucked under arms, uncovered necks were styled with jeweled necklaces and dresses were shorter in length to show off shoes. Don't eat any apples offered by a wicked witch.

The 1500s brought chemises with laced up bodices. Cone shaped skirts with square necks that were edged in lace, jewels and furs became popular and wide sleeves were decorated with fabric layers and pleats. By the mid 1500s, Spanish fashions became popular and clothing was mounted on cages of wire, whalebone and cloth. Trains were out and sleeves became tight fitting from wrist to elbow with large puffed shoulders. Black became the main color to show off pearl and jewels that were sewn into the fabric. When starch was discovered, ruffled necks became popular-the higher the better. Wires were added to the ruffs for support and height. This was balanced by the deep v shaped waist or wasp waist. Cinderella's coach is waiting.

Stella McCartney, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Max Mara, Julien Mcdonald, are only a few of the designers that are enchanting us with fairy tale looks and wants to give you the secret accessory that will even wake up Sleeping Beauty!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Go ECO CHIC With Vintage!

Looking for another way to do your part?

At we are always looking for new ways to be chic but still do our part for the whole earth. Be ECO CHIC by supporting the world of vintage. Buying vintage is better for the pocketbook but even better for the earth. Thousands upon thousands of factories are producing our newest "musthaves" without any care for the raw materials, air poisoning processing, and use of fossil fuels to generate power to create the items which get stored or thrown away after we are tired of them.

When you buy vintage, you can be chic and know that you are giving that piece of jewelry, scarf, or bag a new life. You will be looking great and contributing to the earth at the same time. Many of Hollywood's most popular stylesetters covet their vintage pieces more than their soon to be discarded musthaves.

If you buy vintage, you will be wearing something fresh, unexpected, unusual and creative. My dear fellow fashionistas...... you know how to put those cool looks together. With all of the decades to pull from, you have so many choices and will really be able to make a statement. Mixing vintage with new is a great way to individualize your look. Vintage costume jewelry mixed with fine jewelry is a way to really add umph! Vintage jewelry is so fabulous and has been used to inspire almost all of the modern popular designers. Jewelry from the 50s and 60s were made by fine jewelers who relocated to the US after World War II. They took pride in their work and carefully examined each piece for flaws.

Get started being ECO CHIC with a versitile vintage gold chunky bracelet. Yours will look even better than the newer copies because it was made at a time when careful finishing was a requirement. Pins are great on jacket lapels and has gorgeous ones by Kenneth Jay Lane, Givenchy, and St Laurent and many more with pearls, rhinestones, colored stones and in wonderful shapes and designs. Great drop earrings and necklaces by Givenchy, Monet, Trifari, Lanvin, Florenza, Coro, and many more top couture designers are available for a fraction of the cost of the inspired pieces by today's top fine jewelry designers.

We have just added some really outrageous vintage pieces to our accessory line. Prada shoes and gloves, Fendi woolen scarves, Gucci silk scarves, Ferragmo and Tods driving mocs, an Issey Miyake sweater coat and many more. Check out our additions throughout the month of September for some fantastic ECO CHIC!


your ECO CHIC source at:

Friday, September 12, 2008

What is in Rachel Zoe's Closet?

Hello all from!

Fashion week is upon us and although it is delicious to peek ahead, now it is time to take a look back to the Fall 2008 fashion week so we know what is "haute" and what fell flat. Runway looks can be experimental and often inspirational but lets revisit the trends to see which ones actually will make it into the closets of Rachel Zoe!

Gender Bending styles
Ties, trousers and soo sexy silky bow blouses. Return of the waist defining belt and the jaunty neck scarf. Slouchy trousers with vests of all fabrics.

Turn me on with the color purple
All shades of luscious purple were featured on the fall runway. From berry to grape and back again to lilac all very yummy this fall

Drive me wild and keep me off balance with the color yellow
Wear yellow with with almost any color as an accent or as a statement. Combine all shades of yellow for a fun look.

Statement Jewelry
Bold, outrageous necklaces, bracelets and pins pins pins. The bigger the better and faux gems add wonderful color.

Vintage looks
Chain belts, gold jewelry, chains, big beads, pencil skirts, clutch bags, satchel bags and platform shoes (You will need high shoes to not appear too short in those big trousers)

Floral Finery
Careful with this one...Florals should be refined and watery not bold and contrasted. Florals work with the silk blouses to soften the tweedy skirts and man-suits

Fringe and feathers and fur
Feathers fur and feathery looks are accents that are so popular this season. Long curly fur can be seen on jacket collars and fringe can be seen on skirt hems, jacket accents and coats.

Animal prints are still hot
The real thing or graphic representations still excite the eye. Shoes, belts, hats, scarves and bags are where you will see this trend.

Don't forget plaid, British mod, eighties funk, motorcycle mama and city boho for those days that need a little umph!

Don't forget to check out for many vintage items that will be added in the month of September including Ferragamo shoes, Echo and Vera scarves, Givenchy jewelry, Florenza chain belts and over 200 "new" jewelry pieces.

Have a fashionable fall my friends


Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Hear Leo Roaring!

Leo is roaring. is alive with Leo's favorite color yellow and gleaming gold. Bright golden tones can be seen in jewelry and clothing. All shades of unpredictable, firey hot yellow are being paired together with cobalt, tangerine, charcoal grey, navy and of course black. Wait... yellow is the new black! I love the combining of different shades of yellow in the same look. It has been a long time since yellow has been way out in the spotlight. This time around yellow is sophisticated and outrageous all at once.

Jewelry is trending in huge staement pieces in hot yellow gold and brushed yellow gold. I am enjoying the move away from silver to the much more modern look of gold. The "real" look is back and is pumped up. Even Kenneth Jay Lane could not resist reissuing some of his popular 70s designs. Giant link bracelets with gemstones and huge charms are needed to set off your outfits. We haven't had a season of color and boldness in clothing and jewelry in such a long time.

What do you do if you want the look but are new to the vintage look costume jewelry scene? Well, a great gold tone oversized link bracelet is the first necessary accessory. This can be paired with bangles or worn alone. Button earrings are beginning to emerge as a fashion trend and necklaces are getting larger with wonderful pendants and gold links. The chain belt can be worn over a simple sweater and has some fab belts with charms.

I have loved the enamel looks in jewelry this summer. It really jump started us into the color trends of the new season. is offering enamel jewelry on sale for all of August-check it out! And take it from Leo-try a little roaring with gold jewelry and hot yellow fashion!

Your fashion-loving lioness PatraB

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Addicted to Earrings

Hello Fellow Addicts,

Ok, Ok...I admit it. I am addicted to earrings! I never seem to have enough awesome earrings and at you can feed your addiction on
studs, buttons, danglers, pendant drops, chandeliers, and hoops.

If you are anything like me, you own so many earrings that they need their own college fund! I had to have that chandelier pair that got caught on my sweater and nearly pulled my lobe off and....oh yes that huge silver heart that hit my jaw so many times that I started to get a bluish bruise and of course the hoops that were so large that they twisted and turned which gave me a faint resemblance to Dumbo!

To avoid mistakes, here is a handy guide when you need that next earring fix:
Check out your face shape and determine if you are square, heart, diamond, round or oval.

Square faces are wide at the cheeks and forehead with a straight hairline and an angular jaw.
These faces are softened by hoops and round shaped earrings. Avoid angular shapes.

Heart shaped faces are narrow jawed and wide at the forehead with a heart shaped hairline.
Earrings with wide bottoms like the teardrop shapes are the best. Avoid the heart shapes!

Diamond shaped faces are wide at the cheeks but narrow at the chin and forehead.
Earrings should be wider not longer and the drop earrings should be short.

Oval faces are ideal and can wear almost any style of earring except for the extra long danglers which just elongate the face.

Round faces are as wide as they are long and look great with drop earrings to elongate the face. Avoid hoops and chunky round shapes.

The oldest earrings ever discovered were found in Iraq and date back to 2500BC. Gold, silver and bronze hoops have been found in Crete and date back to 2000BC. Ear plugs that stretched the ear hole have been found in the lobes of ancient Egyptians. Ancient Greeks and Romans made the gemstone pendant earring fashionable. Earrings became unpopular during the Middle Ages when head and ear covering was mandatory for respectable women and stayed unpopular during the 16th century because of high collared fashions. By the 17th century, hair was worn off the face and the well dressed ladies in Europe all wanted large pendant earrings but by the 18th century earrings became obsolete because fancy hats with ribbons that cover the ears became the in thing. The 19th century brought updos back into fashion and the heavy chandelier earrings returned to fashion. Earlobes were commonly elongated because of the heavy weight of the gems and the metals. The early 20th century considered pierced ears uncivilized so the invention of screw backs and clipons allowed women to wear earrings for day and evening fashions. By the 1920s, long drop earrings were the look but by the 1950s, long drops were only for evening and the clip on button shaped earrings were worn daily. This style continued until piercing returned in the 1970s. The earrings continued to be produced in the button style but hoops, dangles, drops, studs and chandeliers became popular for daytime styles.

Evil spirits were thought to enter the body through any opening so earrings were worn to ward off spirits. Gold earrings were thought to cure headaches and puncturing the earlobe was thought to improve sight and hearing. Sailors wore one earring to indicate that they sailed around the world. has the perfect summer earrings so don't check into rehab just

Use promo code 73108 at for free shipping during the month of July!


Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Pearl Just Wants to Have Fun....

Well my friends, the ever enchanting pearl has made its return to the fashion front and when you visit, you will see some fun loving pearls looking for a whirl with the right girl! Angelina Jolie loves her pearls in triple strands which can set off a little black dress like nothing else. German model Tonia Michaely adores her long rope pearls. Kate Bosworth pairs her pearls with diamond dangle earrings, Mandy Moore likes her pearls in a long rope with black beads and Paris Hilton launched her newest fragrance Can Can in huge teardrop pearlie earrings setting off a retro white suit.

Pearls are the only "gem" made by nature that needs no cutting, polishing or shaping. The pearl is a result of a small particle entering an oyster which becomes irritated. And there is nothing madder than an iritated oyster! The mollusk secretes a substance to cover the irritant and repeats this over and over for years thus producing the pearl.

Natural pearls are rare. They sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and are highly collectable.
In a haul of three tons of oysters only three or four oysters will produce a perfect pearl so.... enter the cultured pearl. These are the pearls that are used for today's jewelry. Mikimoto pearls, Akoya pearls, Mabe pearls, freshwater pearls, Biwa and Baroque pearls are all harvested from pearl farms that "plant" the irritant into the oyster. Damn! Most of these farms are located in China and only an xray or microscope can tell the difference.

Imitation pearls have the same luster, look and feel of the real pearl but the "tooth test" will help determine if the pearl is real (natural or cultured) or imitation. When you rub the pearl on a tooth and it feels gritty, it is real. If it is slippery, it is imitation. With today's technology, the newer imitation pearls are coated with powdered mother of pearl, coral or conch to give that gritty feel so it has become very difficult to be sure.

6,000 years ago in the Persian Gulf, people were buried with a pearl in their right hand. Asian cultures revered the pearl for its curative properties. The pearl was thought to cure indigestion, benefit the liver, cure deafness and clear the eyes. Ancient Indians believed the pearl to bring about contentment of the mind and strengthen the body and soul. When rubbed on the skin, the pearl was thought to cure skin ailments.

The gorgeous pearl's irridescence sets off the lightness in the face and looks fantastic with any skin tone or hair color. The retro pearls at are great at masquerading and might just help you be happier, look sexier and get thinner!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do the Hustle!

Summer is here and the time is right for Dancin' in the Streets! has just added new vintage summer and resort jewelry to wear when you Do the Hustle.

Seventies chic is coming on strong and even Hot Child in the City Victoria Beckham has created a seventies inspired clothing line. Think the summer of 75' resort wear. Many of the top designers featured sizzling, white Hot Stuff. Faux ivory, plastics, and white enamel jewelry were irrisistible. Diane von Furstenburg wrap dresses needed white earrings, tie back halter tops needed long white beaded necklaces, kaftans needed arms full of white bangles and jumpsuits needed large white tasseled chains.

Seventies summers saw plenty of hippies, but there were strong modern fashion trends catching on at the same time. Lola wore Moroccan keyhole designs, My Sharonna wore Italian Pallazzo pants, Sweedish Marimekko printed fabrics, Indian gauze fabrics, Roman sandals and Brazilian string bikinis. Copper toned bodies filled beaches from Waikiki to the French Riviera. Everyone wanted that super Brown Sugar tan look. If it wasn't Coppertone (no SPF) it was baby oil with iodine for that island look.

Now, what makes a tan look tanner?
White jewelry! It was sexy then and it is sexy now You Sexy Thing and I'm not Jive Talkin' .

So lets Imagine an Escape and Come Sail Away to the grand resorts of the world and don't forget to pack the Buffalo Sandals, those new cullottes, your fab wide flares and of course if you want to Get Down Tonite...

the white jewelry!

Check out the Summer and Resort section at

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Love Those Lucky Charms!

Click here: and take a look! "Everything in life is luck" or so says Donald Trump. " believing you are lucky" was Tennessee Williams' line and The Luck of the Irish is almost a national slogan. Luck is an opportunity that we all can grab if we can visualize it. Through the ages, people have been trying to help that opportunity along as much as possible with the help of a charm that is worn around the neck or at the wrist.

The wearing of charms can be dated back to early history when amulets for protection and good hunting were worn. They were peices of rock and later were carved shapes that were strung on leather. The wearer was sure to have good luck.

Charm wearing was popular in ancient Egypt where symbols were everywhere. Charms were worn to promote bountiful crops, good health, and power. Asian charm wearing promotes happiness, good luck and wealth. The Irish wear a shamrock for luck and the wearing of a Celtic Love knot charm brings the perfect mate. Fish charms provide the wearer with peace, Kokopelli ensures an upward path, Gris Gris bangles are bearers of instant gratification, Buddha charms bring miracles, Cleopatra's wheel brings happiness, the anchor charm will cast a spell on your mate to insure fidelity, and the rabbit's foot (if taken from the hind leg of a rabbit shot in a cemetary on the night of a full moon) will insure the gambler of large winnings.

Queen Victoria popularized charm wearing in England by sporting a bracelet of lockets with her family portraits inside. Everyone in England and America had to have a locket bracelet, necklace or even a locket brooch. During World War I and World War II soldiers returned from their exotic tours with small trinkets that were coveted by the gals at home and worn on pins and neckchains. The 1950s had a major burst of interest in charm wearing. The big costume jewelry companies created charms for every special occasion and every girl had to own a charm bracelet that was filled with her special memories and interests. These charm bracelets can be worth thousands of dollars today. Tiffany's charm bracelets were 14K gold and popular among the wealthy in the 60s. Since the 1980s, charm bracelets have stayed in fashion.

This is your lucky day.........If you purchase from and use this promo code: 1950, you will receive a surprise piece of vintage jewelry for free with your order!
Good until June 15, 2008.

Check out the charm bracelets and charm necklaces at Lets all get lucky!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Wedding Event of the Millenium!

The marriage of Earth and Sea is by far the event of the Millenium! Gorgeous red salt water Sea Coral is striking in a deep orangey red tone and handsome, earthy turquoise is magnificent in engraved hot blue. Coral and turquoise have been seen together for thousands of years (quite an engagement period) and have delighted the ancient Egyptians, Chinese Emperors, Greeks, Aztecs and American Indian Tribes. They create a fantastic contrast that jewelry designers, clothing designers, and interior designers love to play with. Turquoise was believed to possess protective forces for health and coral was believed to possess supernatural benefits to ward off accidents, evil and magic. Between them the wearer is assured of vitality, strength, wealth , healthy heart and increased sensuality (sounds like a great honeymoon to me.....).

Coral is a calcified skeleton of sea creatures that grow in salt water at 25 to 1000 feet. Shallow water coral is nearly depleated so deep water sea coral has become costly. Much of the coral harvested today is bamboo or sponge coral which is porous and needs to be dyed to achieve the rich red that has become so popular in jewelry. Coral and pearl are two biogenic precious gemstones that are chemically similar and are composed of mostly calcium carbonate. Both coral and pearl are desposits by marine invertebrates. Much of the world's coral comes from Australia, New Guinea, Scotland, Washington State and Alaska.

Turquoise, the December birthstone , is a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminum. Turquoise is found in copper mines all over the world and was one of the first gems to be mined and then traded at Turkish bazaars to Venitian merchants who spread the gem across Europe.
Turquoise occurs as nuggets in the southwest United States. It was popular with American Indian tribes and believed to give the archer dead aim. Turquoise was used in American Indian jewelry as a fetish. Turquoise was first combined with orange argillite inlays and later was popularly combined with coral when it become available on the trade markets.

This spring, coral and turquoise are seen in bracelets by Stephen Dweck, MCL, and James de Givenchy. Spectacular vintage coral and turquoise pieces can be found at

I'll see you at the wedding!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Plastic Fantastic Lovers!

What is hot, hot, hot.... and not, not not going to break the bank?

What comes in all colors and manifests itself into all shapes and sizes?

What can be solid, clear, opaque, tinted, and molded?

What can look like moonglow, confetti, granite, tortoise shell, and precious stones?

Lucite my dear fashionistas!

Alexis Bittar ( the current leading designer of plastic jewelry) knew the answers and used his creativity to feature lucite in his newest collections. Armfulls of lucite bangles are his signature and his neck discs and floral pins can be seen now that spring is in full bloom. Ben Amun uses milticolored clear lucite beads in his chunky necklace and pendant collections Their design inpirations came from the bracelets, necklaces, pins and earrings of the 40s, 50s, 60s and seventies.

Lucite was trademarked in 1941 by Dupont although many companies tried synthetic moldable "plastics" since the 1800s. Lucite as a jewelry material became most popular in the 1940s and the 1950s. Lucite is an acrylic resin and a type of thermoset plastic. The original state of lucite is clear, yet it can be tinted in any color and can go from transparent to opaque. The look can mimic fine stones or can be used in lighthearted, fun jewelry. Lucite can look like moonglow-as if it was lit from within, confetti-where chips of glitter are encased in transparent lucite, granite-where opaque chunks of lucite in varying colors are molded together, and can be solid, molded or carved.

Enhance your spring wardrobe with colorful vintage lucites from and don't forget to ask Lucy and Ethel where they bought their new polka dot sundresses !


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well We All Shine On

Well we all shine on.....
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Well we all shine on
on and on on and on.

Asian influences have seduced us! We are seeing interior design, fashion, pop culture and entertainment styles that reflect the growing trend in all things Asian. We are looking to Japan, China and all of Asia for enlightenment. Buddha was an Indian spiritual teacher who lived 563BC to 483BC. His teachings guided his followers to appreciate the ways of the universe and realize that everything is linked and related...."What we give out to others, we shall recieve".

Don't let Instant Karma get you! Check out our Asian inspired vintage jewelry at


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Let's Fall In Love!

Jeanne Lanvin (18867-1946) was a French fashion designer extrodinaire and founder of the Lanvin fashion house which is the oldest fashion house still in operation. Lanvin was famous for its signature fragrance "Arpege" which was presented in 1927. Soon Lanvin became the leading couture house for men's, womens children's and home fashions. Modern gowns and day wear were a huge hit and beautiful jewelry was designed to enhance the fashions. Many famous designers including Castillo, Claude Montana, and Bergere desgned for Lanvin. Today's Lanvin Style is led by Alber Elbaz who's 2008 runway show was partly responsible for the recent trend in Art deco designs in fashion and jewelry. He entered Lanvin in 2001 and since his artistic directorship began, he has taken the old school couture house into an innovative and trend setting environment. Elbaz has created fluid, simple goddess dresses that make women beautiful-nothing else. In an interview with Cathy Horyn of the New York Times Elbaz said, "I remember a woman telling me that every time she wore a Lanvin dress, men wanted to sleep with her." Elbaz said, "Later, I thought that I'd rather she fell in love."
Now we know why a hip, young designer would want to be in an old school couture house.......because he is a hopeless romantic!
Get some fabulous Lanvin Style at and fall in love!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Art Deco Mania (or can I just wear South Beach on a string?)

Well.... Art Deco mania has hit hard and those of you that have been lucky enough to view the eye candy at South Beach, Miami know that if we could shrink any of those gorgeous Art Deco hotels and put them on a fringy black ribbon, we would have a sensational necklace! Oh wait a minute, Lanvin has already done that for the fantastic 2008 fall runway show! (I am reposting the image for those who missed it in an earlier post-see Lanvin Runway show)
Art Deco was a design movement that was a big reaction to the earlier Art Nouveau style which was curvy, natural, flowing and floral. Deco reigned from 1925 to 1939 and affected everything in the visual artworld. Think of the old movie theatre interiors with geometric stacked designs, frozen waterfalls, modernistic shapes. Egyptian, African, Aztec Mexican abstract designs meet Machine Age neofunctionalism (okay okay I made that word up but you get the idea). I love this wonderful design period that used bright colors, clean lines, and ethinic influences.

Art Deco was considered elegant and stylishly modern and architecture wasn't the only place it affected. Graphic arts (you know those great posters from the 20ies), painting (think cubism) and industry (avaiation, oceanliners, skyscrapers, even radios) were all showing that we had entered a new modern age and it was hip to be square....and rectangular and circular!

Art Deco Jewelry said" bye bye "to the vine inspired shapes of the turn of the century and" hello baby" to the elegant modern look of the Deco period. Rhinestones formed into stacked skyscraper shapes, circles on squares, stainless steel, chevron patterns and sunburst patterns were popular on earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Pins were worn on cloche (helmet shaped) hats, shoulders and belts. Renee Zellwegger shows off these sexy looks in the movie Leatherheads.

Women had just gotten the vote and wanted to show off their new found freedoms so styles reflected this. Waistlines dropped, hemlines were raised, bathing suits were born, and ropes of pearls were popular . Young women drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes from long holders, began to go to college, entered the workplace, showed their sexulity, wore makeup, got their hair bobbed, bared their legs, adopted a boyish, androgoneous look and danced the night away at Jazz clubs. Red lips, white faces, black rimmed eyes presented a startling new look. Even the older ladies followed the younger gals in this new modern style. This is when the French couture houses of Lanvin, Chanel and Cartier were launched and still have a huge influence in today's styles.

Listen to a little Cole Porter, have a scotch and soda, light up a Camel, get a bob haircut and
don't forget to check out the Art Deco style at!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vintage Rhinestones Are a Girl's Best Friend!

Party time is here and those gorgeous gowns need a little "ice" to set them off. The most creative rhinestone designs can be discovered in vintage collections. The rhinestone can be as glittery as a diamond and since all of us can afford it, has become the easiest way to accessorize our sexiest formal wear. Rhinestones are molded glass crystals which are cut and highly polished and sometimes backed with a gold or silver foil to increase brilliance.. Rhinestones can be clear like a diamond or colored to simulate all of the precious and semiprecious gems. Rhinestones were first produced for French royalty in the 1700s when carriage travel was dangerous and road robberies were common. Known as "paste", rhinestone jewelry became the choice for royal public appearances and travel wear for the rich. The early 1900s brought a refined process for machine glass cutting and by 1920, Coco Chanel introduced the idea of costume jewelry to the world. By the 1930s, Europe had suffered so many famines and wars that many talented jewelers fled to America where there was plenty of design work available in the costume jewelry companies. By the 1950s, costume jewelry became a huge fashion trend which is still going strong.
V neck, square neck, and sweetheart strapless gowns look great with choker,bib and pendant style rhinestone necklaces. The brilliance of rhinestones actually lighten up the face and make the eyes shine. Drop earrings or button rhinestone earrings that lie close to the face are effective if the hair is off the face. This year, simple gowns of all colors are set off by large rhinestone brooches at the waist and the shoulder. Fashionistas will be putting rhinestone brooches in their hair, on their clutches and even on wrist ribbons instead of corsages! Shop online for vintage rhinestone jewelry at .
"Square cut or pear shape,
these rocks don't loose their shape ...
vintage rhinestones are a girl's best friend!"

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Prom Dress and the Therapist

You are going to the prom and want to get the most fabulous dress, and of course you want to have that couture edge and have the most unique accessories (or you wouldn't be reading this). Well psychology might have just the help you need! The color you choose for your dress and accessories has symbolism, mysticism, psychological effects on the viewer and even causes chemical releases that effect emotions!
Red means heat and energy and excites the emotions of love and passsion. It symbolizes beauty and evokes the strongest reaction and grabs the most attention. Wearing ruby colored jewelry stands out against pale skin and looks lusty on tanned skin.
Green symbolizes hope, growth, and regeneration and is tied to nature. Emeralds have a rich, look which stimulate calm and refreshing feelings.
Blue represents ice, water, and sky and people in many cultures associate blue with loyalty, spirituality, and peaceful thoughts. Viewing the color blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals.
Pink is bold and intense, healthy and romantic. Hot pink jewelry is very sexy.
Purple always looks sophisticated and luxurious and in many cultures is the color for royal jewelry.
Yellow is cheerful. It is associated with intellect and harmony but it also speeds up the metabolism (mmm...maybe that is the way to loose those lbs!)
When you accessorize, you can go for matching your dress color, using neighboring colors (red with orange or pink, blue with green or purple, yellow with green or orange) or for greater impact be brave and try complementary colors (burgundy with mossy green, citrine with violet, turquoise with orange). Wearing vintage colored rhinestones (from of course ) adds to the glam factor!
Your favorite color therapist,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wild Thing...I Think I Love You

More on Kenneth Jay Lane: Celebrity sightings include Hilary Duff with many animal bangles designed by Kenneth Jay Lane, Jessica Simpson with Lane's bamboo enamel giant hoop earrings and Rhianna with Lane's animal bangles. Materials are wood, base metal with electroplating, enamel, and fabric. Deja vous all over again! Snakes, Lions, Panthers, Tigers, Elephants, and Lizards are leaping out all over. Spring fashions can do with a little roar. Lane's influence has spread throughout the jewelry world. When asked what his favorite jewelry design was, he answered his lion doorknocker earrings. That iconic look is unforgettable and translated to pins and necklaces. The doorknocker style influenced many other designers as well. Don't forget to check out the Kenneth Jay Lane collection at Happy birthday Kenneth Jay Lane (April22) I think I love you!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kenneth Jay Lane's Panthers Rule Again!

Panthers may be an endangered species but they are alive and well in the costume jewelry world. Kenneth Jay Lane designer extrodinaire has released his imaginative panther jewelry back into the wilds of the fashion world. They have been seen on the wrists, fingers, necks and lobes of America's idols. He is the most collected and recognized designer of costume jewelry coveted by the rich and famous, celebs, and fashionistas the world around. He was never afraid of color and size in his designs and he traveled the world for his inspirations. His early pieces were an instant hit with Jackie, Liz and Audrey. Since they were such revered style setters, women eveywhere had to have his outrageous looks. Lane started his career in the shoe industry and designed for Delman and Dior before he catered to his jewelry fascination. He was a graduate of the University of Michigan and Rhode Island School of Design. He emerged in the sixties as a designer of "fabulous fakes". This was jewelry that looked so real that people preferred it to the real thing and had no worries taking their wonderful fakes on trips. These real looking gems are now extremely valuable to collectors. The seventies gave way to all things natural and the big wild cats ruled the jewelry world. Leopards, panthers and tigers worn on the same wrist were his signature and now the look is a favorite of Hilary, Jessica, Mischa and Rhianna. I have collected his vintage pieces for years and have just released them into the world on my site . Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring is Here and I'm Feelin' Groovy!

Hi all!
Spring has sprung and thoughts of the 60ies have been filling my head. I love seeing the "newest" retro looks with homage to the English mod fashions. If you weren't a hippie, then you must have been a mod with James Bond's girls as your inspiration. Faces were covered with tan makeup, the lips were silvery nude, no blush , and eyes so black and thick with mascara, eyeliner and of course blue eyeshadow up to the brows! The skirts were microminis, the fabrics were polyester in outrageous colors of lime green, orange, and turquoise and the hair was thick and glossy in half beehives, short bobs or straightened with orange juice cans-as-curlers or if you were really determined with a clothes iron (ok I admit it and have many scalp burns to prove it!). Mods and Hippies alike joined together in non-violence ideologies. This was rooted in the opposition to the Vietnam War. Hippies wore flowers in their hair and Mods wore enamel flower pins of all colors. Famous jewelry designers created these splashy pins in every imaginable color and texture. Get some Flower Power at and don't let the Dylan album warp near the radiator!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Aquamarine-Symbol of Youth, Hope and Health

Mmmm......the seductive waters of the Caribbean gleaming in the sun , calming the spirit and reviving the soul. This is where the lovely and delicate aquamarine takes me! March birthdays enjoy the stone as their birthstone, 19th anniversary celebraters call for the aquamarine and marriages that have grown tired can be revived with aquamarine (well maybe!) Ancient lore tells of sailors traveling with aquamarine to ensure a safe passage and safe return. Healers often use aquamarine for depression. Aquamarine was very popular in 1930s and 1950s costume jewelry. Since the recent hunger for everything vintage in fashion jewelry, high end designers have been using the wonderful gem again. Mish New York has offered aquamarine earrings, Tito Pedrini has fabulous aquamarine rings, Cellini includes different shape aquamarines with gold accents, Elizabeth Locke shows aquamarine beads with a gold, aquamarine and diamond cross and Kara Ross features raw aquamarines that are inset with diamonds. It is no surprise that Tiffany's and VanCleef & Arpels are including spectacular aquamarine necklaces in their Spring offerings. Visit for some fabulous aquamarine costume jewels. Happy Spring!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bangles, Baubles and Brooches Oh My!

Bangles, and more bangles of all types are bursting out for spring fashions. Many of them and two armfulls at once are setting off the colorful spring looks. Lucite with rhinestones, wood with animal prints, chunky metal domes with inverted hammered surfaces all combine to make a chic and playful look. Necks are starting to fill in with oversized chains and tassels and pendants. Brooches push their way into spring and summer fashion and will be seen in unique ways: on scarves at the neck and on the head, on purses, and even in the hair. Floral shapes will be the most popular this spring and summer. Play and have fun!
Visit for some great vintage pieces that you won't see eveywhere.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

John Galliano Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Details Slideshow on

John Galliano Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Details Slideshow on
Paris fashion shows this past week were wowed by the amazing creativity of John Galliano! The fashions were colorful Harem meets Mary Poppins meets Alice in Wonderland! Galliano used huge pins on hats, on belts, on jacket lapels, on coat closures, and on fluid bow blouses. When I say huge, I mean giant! To get this runway look, you could group large flower pins with smaller rhinestone and even figural pins from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Check out the great vintage pins at Click on the link above to view Galliano's outrageous runway collection.

Lanvin Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Details Slideshow on

Lanvin Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Details Slideshow on
Incredible jewelry! Lanvin Fall 2008 Paris collection this week really knocked me over. This line included many over the top jewelry pieces that were evocative of 1980s giant neck jewelry. This featured neckpiece was kind of Transformer meets Art Deco. I am thrilled by these imaginative " fantasies". Just click on the link to view Lanvin's jewelry or the whole fashion show!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Vintage Jewelry 101

Hello all!
A little education never hurts. Do you ever wonder about what may be lurking in your jewelry box , or your mom's or grandmother's jewelry box? Well, here is a little story that got me started in this wonderful world of vintage jewelry.
I owned a very outrageous jewelry piece made of silver. It was a necklace with blue enamel and a removable pin/pendant that was quite huge and had what looked to be celtic knots done in shades of blue enamel. It was heavy and never seemed pretty to me. It was marked sterling and 925 and Margot de Taxco. I sold it for $40 in a tag sale. A couple of years later, I saw the piece in a book on Mexican silver jewelry. There it was -a collector's piece from the Mexican artisan studios of the 1930s and 1940s. Value at that time was $3,000.
Make sure you check the silver stamps Sterling means 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal usually copper, zinc, or nickel. If your piece is marked just 925, it is still authentic sterling silver-its just a shorthand for sterling. If your piece is stamped Margot De Taxco, call me as soon as possible!
All for now,
ps. go directly to my site by clicking on this: and come back to my blog by clicking "blog site" on the heading of my website. It should be nice and easy...

Monday, February 25, 2008

What's Old Is New

Hello all!
The red carpet was filled with red dresses last night. Heidi Klum was sensational in John Galiano's red satin dress. Almost all of the dresses were evocative of the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Very elegant, very, very safe. The Debutant's Ball is more like it. Strapless, strapless, strapless, one shoulder, strapless, strapless, one shoulder, one shoulder one shoulder one shoulder-I actually loved one shoulder dresses before the awards nite, now they seem trite and redundant. Rosamund Pike pulled off Roland Mouret's lemon yellow one shoulder gown the best of all- it stood out way above the rest.
Now...about the jewelry. Mostly no necklaces at all but when you did see them, they were not shy! Nichole Kidman's fringey three tiered diamond (or was it rhinestone) necklace was wild looking but of course she wore it with great elan. Laura Linney's large pendant was vintage looking and really filled in the neck area. Jennifer Garner wore an unbelievable Art Deco diamond choker that was really romantic looking. Other than those stand outs, I noticed mostly long chains, Chanel style chains with small gems, great clutch purses, and giant drop earrings. Earrings were free form, pearl, beaded, teardrops, but no chandeliers and mostly very large and long. Katherine Heigl's earrings were my favorites. They were oversized teardrops and with her new shorter hair, looked really terrific.
Visit www.vintagecouturejewelry for great chain necklaces, oversized drop earrings, , unique pendant, fringe and chain necklaces, and of course wonderful couture jewelry of all kinds.
Lets hope for a little more risk taking next Oscar night!
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vintage accessories.
Keep on vintage sighting and remember, What's Old is New!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What's Old Is New

Have you seen Prada's Runway footwear? Well, the heel of the shoe tells all. Wild shapes, waves, designs, and sculpted forms are leading the way. Check out www.vintagecouturejewelry under the vintage accessories catagory to see the fab lion heel sling backs. WOW!
Metallic tones in leather are showing up everywhere. Gold is the new tone for jewelry. Warm tones work best with clothes this spring and summer. Vintage treasure hunts are popular with celebs and fashion lovers alike.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What's Old Is New

Kate Spade Wicker Collection mixes wicker with soft patent leather and mirror finished metalic trim. Purses come in natural wicker with white trim or black trim. The clutch retails for $225.00 and the tote retails for $345.00 or visit for two vintage styles that served as Kate's inspiration!

Friday, February 15, 2008